Christmas Parties for Children in Africa!

This week Children in Swaziland, Africa will begin celebrating Christmas in a special way at all of their care points.  About a month ago Children’s Cup wasn’t sure if they were going to have the resources, but God has provided in a big way.  C3 Kingdom Builders has stepped up and is sponsoring 2 Care Point Christmas parties that will provide transportation, food, gifts, games, fun and a presentation of the Christmas Story for several hundred children. 


(me and the group of children from a Care Point)

I’m so thankful for our partnership with Children’s Cup and for their leadership.  Together we are making an impact and building the Kingdom of God.  Pray for Ben and Susan Rogers, Dave and Jean Ohlerking and their whole team during these next few weeks.  We love you and are praying for you!


(Martha holding one of the children with Dave Ohlerking, founder of Children’s Cup)


(my daughter Caroline serving food at a Care Point) 

  • Jean Ohlerking

    Thanks for the shout-out for our parties. They will be held at four different places, combining several CarePoints together. Saturday they begin! Praying for a sunny day (not too hot tho) and tons of fun. We’ll be sharing photos and stories soon! Thank you C3 for making this a Red-Letter day for several hundred kids.

  • Duane

    I was surprised and excited to see Children’s Cup, Dave Ohlerking and Ben Rogers featured on Joyce Meyer this past week. Kelli and I look forward to someday visiting Swaziland and the carepoints. We know God is working in a huge way there.