Chris Hodges at C3 Tonight!

I’m so excited that Pastor Chris Hodges from Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL will be speaking for us at our First Wednesday service tonight at 7:00pm. 


Chris and Tammy are great friends to Martha and I and it’s an honor to host him here at C3. It will be his first time ever in NC! Chris and I serve together on the leadership team for the Association of Related Churches (ARC), an organization that focuses primarily on planting churches.  They planted Church of the Highlands 7 years ago with a handful of people and currently have approximately 8,000 that attend one of their 5 campuses.  Just this month Outreach Magazine listed them as the number 1 fastest growing church in America.  (Another interesting fact is that Tammy is Billy and Charlene Hornsby’s daughter which is why Billy believes their church is having such an impact 🙂   

It’s going to be a great night with passionate worship and a dynamic message from Pastor Chris.  Let me encourage you to get there early to get a seat… you won’t want to miss the beginning.  Also the C3 Café and The Source will be open at 5pm so you can come early and grab some Starbucks.

  • Gwen

    I can’t wait for tonight! This will be my first time attending a First Wednesday at C3. I have heard so many great things about it!!!

  • Duane

    Pastor Chris did an awesome job last night!! His message was right on target. We must never forget our purpose. 1st Wed was 1st rate as always. Can’t wait for this weekend.

  • Al

    Pastor Matt,
    It has taken me this long to “get over” 1st Wednesday, so that I can verbalize what happened that night. I accepted Christ many years ago. And prior to attending C3 (my wife and I started attending C3 last year at Christmas)I had allowed my relationship with Christ to become like “an old shoe,” rather than fresh and new everyday like fresh sheets from the clothes line or a refreshing shower after a long day of working in the field. But C3 has helped me “see” Christ more clearly, feel Him more completely. But this past 1st Wednesday was something that I have not had happen to me in many’a year….
    For this past Wednesday I was able to not only “feel,” the Holy Spirit, but I felt as if I could
    taste and smell the Holy Spirit!!!
    He was that close!!!!
    No need for Brother Chris (Hodges) to get to “puffed up,” from these comments for surely his message was DEAD ON, but it was just the entier, complete feel of the night. It is true about what people say….”to feel the living and life changing Christ, go to where He is being praised and there you will find Him.” C3 is just such a place!!!
    Thanks to you and your ministry team for what they mean to me and family each and every week!!!!!! al