Chillin’ in Chaaaaarleston

Martha and I are in Charleston, SC, for a few days (thanks C3 students!) enjoying one of our pastor appreciation blessings. I thought it would be warmer down here, but apparently this is the coldest week of the year for them! It’s been a great time to study, relax and think about the future. I am so pumped to see all God is going to do in 2007! We spent time today with Pastor Greg and Debbie Surratt from Seacoast Church.
He gave us a tour of their new building which includes a children’s ministry center, student ministry room and a chapel. My favorite part was the coffee shop and bookstore……sweeeeeet. They also have an indoor children’s playground that is pretty cool. Thanks Greg for the tour and for your partnership in ministry.

  • Pipes

    Glad you got away for a few days! Rest up and relax! I know God will speak to you even in the cold weather! See you this weekend.

  • Karen

    It could be worse… say… record breaking rainfall in Hawaii…
    Enjoy your time away for rest, relaxation and fun!
    We love you both!

  • Michelle

    We’re glad you guys are having a great time. Sit back enjoy and relax because I’m sure it’s not to often that you get a chance to do that! And if it gets too cold you can always snuggle up in front of the fireplace! Enjoy.