Children of the World

Three years ago, we had a group called Children of the World come to C3. Little did we realize the impact they would make. Children of the World is a group of orphans from all over the world.

While they were here, they stayed in host homes, and we had the chance to keep three boys. One of the little boys was from India, and his name was Naka. If we would have been allowed to, we would have adopted him. These children cannot be adopted because part of the vision of Children of the World is to raise up Godly leaders in their country. Even though they cannot be adopted, they can be sponsored. So, our family has had the opportunity to sponsor Naka for the last three years.


(Caleb and Naka)


(Me and Naka…I’ve changed a little!)

The World is coming back to C3 this Sunday, June 8. You are not going to want to miss seeing them sing and dance, and share with us their story. You will also have the opportunity to sponsor a child. So, make sure you are at C3 this weekend!

See you then,


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