Chicks & Warriors

What can I say about Chick Night? It was a powerful
night for our ladies. I am still hearing stories of this night and all that God
did in the lives and hearts of our women. They collected nearly 3000 canned
foot items for our local food pantries.  If you missed Chick Night you can
watch it by clicking
here and choosing Chick Night from the "On Demand" options.

Tomorrow morning our men will gather for the C3 Warriors Prayer Gathering at
6am on the Clayton Campus. Come early to get your coffee and if you want to get
a jump start, you can go ahead and read Proverbs 3. I am so fired up to see all
that God is doing in our men and women of

C3.  My prayer has been
throughout our C3 Chick Nights and C3 Warriors that God would raise up an army
of leaders and there would be a movement of Christ like never before. Warriors,
I look forward to meeting tomorrow at 6am, see you there.