Chick Night Was Awesome

Hey Ladies,

Wasn't Chick Night AWESOME!!    I was blown away by all that God did.   It was amazing!   When I was growing up coming to see my Grandma in Johnston County if you would have told me  2,000 ladies were going to get together and rock the House for Jesus, or that a lady from Australia from one of the largest churches in the world was going to come and speak I would have told you that you were crazy.  Not in Johnston County!


Just goes to prove that God can do anything, anywhere, and that He is never limited, especially where His name is honored.  


There is a verse in Exodus 20:24 that says, "Wherever I cause my name to be honored, I will come to you and bless you."   He says  WHEREVER His name is honored……..
I know He came Chick Night.   

But then I started to ask myself the question, Is my home a place where God is honored?, Is my marriage a place where God is honored?  Is my parenting a place where God is honored?, Is my job a place where God is honored? Is my ministry a place where God is honored?  Is my MOUTH a place where God is honored, Is what my eyes see honoring to God?, Is how I take care of my body  honoring to God….   If we honor God He will come to you (pursue  you) and bless you.   

Funny story – I had a great quiet time when God spoke to me through this verse and I asked myself these questions, prayed, and had a great time with the Lord, and went on about my day.   It wasn't 15 minutes later Matt called and said something that ticked me off and I got a little fired up.   When I hung up the phone I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit say, "was your mouth and words honoring to me?"   How can I bless you when you talk like that?   It was hard to believe only 15min. ago I was all into God and now I was all in the flesh.    Well, I wanted my mouth to be a place God was honored, so I called Matt back and apologized for getting fired up and asked him to forgive me.   So now God can come and bless because I honored Him in my words and my marriage.     It is a new day and so far so good………….LOL!

So ask yourself these questions and where is it you need to work on honoring God.    As we honor He will come and bless you.

Have a great day!!!

  • Nicolle Murray

    ): awww i missed Chick Night. But I was there for the sunday morning service, and Christine Caine was AMAZiNG! its like she turned my life around, I was feeling a little lost, but I was so inspired by her words! I bought both of her books! I hope she comes back to C3 soon!