Chick Night Recap

What an incredible night we had on Sunday night at Chick Night!  Once again, God took our high expectations and created a night that was exponentially more than we could have dream or imagined!  I was so proud of the team of ladies that help coordinate Chick Night and all the passionate volunteers that made the night a reality!  We had 800 women, ages 6th grade and up here on campus!

Every part of the night from the vendors to the worship was awesome!  We had 12 vendors in the lobby who showcased everything from jewelry to little girl’s bows and hats to photographers and pet groomers!  Thank you to each of the vendors for participating in our night!

As we were planning this Chick Night, God laid an idea on our hearts to bless a woman in our church who loves the Lord, loves C3, and loves to serve God’s House.  Our team unanimously voted for Ms. Vicki Skiles.  Vicki has attended C3 for 8 years and has only missed ONE WEEKEND!  She faithfully serves on our First Touch team and can be seen all throughout the church on weekdays, serving behind the scenes.  You can see Ms. Vicki’s testimony HERE.

One of the things that we were able to bless Ms. Vicki with was a free eye exam and pair of glasses of her choice.  A HUGE thank you to Dr. Alan Byrd Eye Care for donating the exam and glasses to Ms. Vicki.

We were also able to bless Vicki with a new dresser for her bedroom.  Another HUGE thank you to East Wake Furniture of Zebulon for donating the dresser to Ms. Vicki.

Another great aspect of the evening was the outreach that we did to local women’s shelters.  We collected …

*1643 Rolls of Toilet Paper

*743 Rolls of Paper Towels

*81 Boxes

*53 Bags of Napkins

These organizations were blown away by your donations!  Thank you, ladies, for partnering with us as we make a difference in our community!

If you missed Chick Night for any reason, check the blog tomorrow for the podcasts from the two messages that Tami Poland and I shared.

  • Kathy Rains

    I was a guest of Diane Baines for Chick Nite and I was truely touched by both the message that yourself and Tami delivered. I left there feeling like I could be a better mother and wife for my family and that maybe, just maybe, there is a chance that I can get my husband to the Lord. I have a 6 yr old son and am expecting the arrival of our second child in July. I have been laid off from work since November and have really been feelin depressed and down on myself and it has showed in the way that I have been connecting with my family lately. I was feelin like, why now Lord, why now are you blessing us with this little miracle, I have no job, we have tons of bills and debt, my son is 6 years old, we are maxed out on the living space we have and I myself am a 35 year old diabetic, asthmatic. I cried and cried when I found out I was pregnant, my husband was furious ( not with me, but the situation that we would be in). I have prayed and prayed and talked to my mother and grandmother over this several times. The Lord has spoken to me on several occasions and told me not to worry, this is truely a blessing and I will see his purpose for me if I hold steady to his word. Chick Nite just re-inforced all that for me and more. I am trying to be a nicer person to live with for my son and my husbands sake. I takes two to argue and I have ALWAYS been the one to have the last word (boy is that hard to change). I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all that you are in the Lord and to keep up his work. God Bless you and your family and your church. Hope to attend again soon, who knows, maybe the husband will join me.

  • Diane Baines

    I love my Lord my church my family and my good friend Kathy Rains. Chick Night was wonderful for me but I am most happy that it helped my friend. Friends are wonderful.