Charlene’s Story

Charlene Hornsby is a very special friend of mine, and the wife of Billy Hornsby, the director of the Association of Related Churches (ARC) and one of C3’s overseers.

A few months ago, Billy and Charlene received the news that, unless God intervenes and does a miracle, Charlene has less than one year to live.

This amazing woman has decided to share her journey in a YouTube video that she recently made with Billy. Click here to view her interview.

Her love for the Lord and confidence in Him is so inspiring. During a time that could be sad and painful, she has made the decision to continue living life to the fullest.

Billy and Charlene will both be with us this Sunday as we celebrate our Building Dedication. This is going to be a definining weekend in the life of C3 and one that you will not want to miss! You can choose from our two services at 9:15 or 11:15.

I’ll see you Sunday,


  • Great blog post. Thanks for sharing.

  • Karen Dawkins

    Powerful. Thank you.

  • Kristina Harrell

    What an amazing example of Faith. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dan

    She is an amazing women of the Faith. Thanks for sharing her story!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Wow! This woman is my role model! She is positive about everything! I watched her YouTube video and i knew that those are the kinds of people that you need to take after in life! As she said, life is better in Heaven than on Earth! And that is 100% true! I hope everything works out for her and her family! I will be praying!
    ~ Elizabeth