I have a real passion for health. I have been on my own health journey for years now.

See I have struggled with eczema my whole life.   At times it would get better but I don’t ever remember a time when I didn’t have a skin rash on my body somewhere.

A few years ago as an adult with 3 kids it was at its worst and nothing I did seem to help.  I hadn’t been to doctors for years because I knew their solution was steroid cream  (which makes your skin thin) and some type of Benadryl (which makes you sleepy).  So I decided to try an alternative doctor.  

I met with the doctor for about 30-45 minutes and she got my whole health history.  Then they ran blood test to see what my body was allergic to.  Well, when the reports came back the doctor said I could not have sugar, milk product, wheat, and some other things that seemed minor compared to what I was just told, for 6 months.   I was in shock.   That was my whole diet!  My family already ate pretty healthy but NO sugar, milk products (that means cheese) or wheat.  I felt like crying and I think I did when I got in my car – this was a death to things I loved.  But I didn’t want to have eczema and I wanted to be healthy.  I thought, I can do anything for 6 months,  its not for life.

 The first few days I struggled, all of a sudden 6 months seemed like eternity.   And I had to make a CHOICE.   I could die to my flesh and be whole and healthy or I could keep living and eating like I was and have ugly rashes on my skin.  So I chose to make the change.  

 Well, that was November of 2010 and my diet has never gone back.  I eat very little, if any, white sugar.   I found Xylitol and natural sweeteners, we drink almond milk all the time and if I eat cheeses they are organic. I eat very little wheat and am almost completely gluten-free.  My skin is clear, unless I’ve cheated, and I have tons of energy and I feel great!

Life is about choices.  If you want to lose weight you have to change, if you want to  be healthy and have energy you are going to have to make changes.   You can’t keep doing what you’re doing and hope things will change.  You have to make CHANGES.

So I would like to take you on a wellness journey.  On Wednesdays I will post something to help you in your journey towards health.   Maybe more than that but let’s start with a reachable goal.  🙂

 What would you like to see changed in your life?

Live while you are still living,


1 Corinthians 9:27    I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should. 


  • Nate & Cindy

    Your journey inspired and blessed our family. Our youngest daughter kept having rashes breakout on her arms. We heard about your story a couple years ago and decided to make some changes. WOW, the rashes cleared up. We made the change as a family and all 5 of us were feeling better. Now, our entire family is improving our fitness through eating what is healthy and exercising at a Team Super Body boot camp.
    Thanks for sharing about your journey.
    Nate, Cindy, Holly, Mekenzie, & Darby