Can You Say Old School…

Do you remember the dorm rooms that have bathrooms down the hall with a row of toilets, a row of sinks, and a row of showers? Do you remember having a mattress that makes noise because of the plastic covering?

Well that is my life this week at kids camp! However, we are having a blast. The worship, dramas and teaching are off the charts. And the kids are loving all the activities.


The theme is “Take it in, Live it Out”. The kids are great! I am a mom of six this week.


Pray for all the kids that their lives will be eternally impacted by this week.

Oh and did I mention it was pouring down rain Tuesday night and we had to walk all the way across campus to get to our dorms from the Large Group time. The kids thought that was the best ever!

Gott’a love kids,

  • Karen

    Sounds like fun!
    Can’t wait to hear all about it when they get home!
    Take it in and live it out… something we all can live by!

  • Amanda Boyle

    aw, those are some of my girls Sunday mornings! 🙂