Can You Believe It?

For 18 days, we have been on a journey together… seeking God through prayer and fasting. And we only have 3 days left. I am so proud of you for joining us in this time of praying and believing God for miracles in our life and church. Now let’s finish strong! And if any of you that haven’t been on the journey with us want to join us it’s not to late… you can do a 3-Day Fast!

It’s been amazing to see how this journey has united our church family as well as the C3 staff. We have laughed more, and cried more, and eaten some interesting food. We also celebrated Martha’s birthday and stuck a candle in a watermelon. That’s probably a first!

Tomorrow, our staff will gather together at about 12:00 and walk around our church 7 times… just as the believers walked around the walls of Jericho seven times in obedience to God and the walls came down! (Any of you that want to join us you can meet us at the Cross in front of our building at about 12:30, Tuesday). Together, we are believing God for big things to happen in our life and church. This weekend is our Miracle Offering Weekend and as we walk and pray around our campus we are believing God for a BIG miracle this weekend.

Personally God has been working in my life in a new and fresh way and I can’t wait to see God do miracles this weekend and as we look forward to moving into our new worship center in December! I’d love to hear what God is doing in your life and how He’s been working.

  • Dan

    Pastor Matt,
    God has been dealing with my flesh big time. Giving up the sweets andmeats to focus in on Him has been life changing. My cry is for more of Him and less of me. I can get in the way of what He wants for me.

  • Duane

    With a day and a half left, I can’t begin to tell you how God has been dealing with me. I just thank God that he loves me so much that he continues to help me grow. Can’t wait for 1st Wed., this weekend and my first cup of Starbucks Thursday morning 🙂

  • Alison

    Proverbs 3:5-6
    …Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on you own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight…
    So many times I’ve fallen away, but I feel as if this time, I’m here for good and now I know what my purpose is. I finally feel at home and a sudden peace has come over me. I’ve learned not to worry or doubt anything because God will never give me more than I can handle, nor will I try to attempt to handle anything on my own.
    I’ve memorized this : Faith is trusting and believing in God even when it doesn’t make any sense.
    They say if you raise your children in Christ that they may stray at times and it may take a while but they will always find their way back. In my case, this is true. From 15 to 21, no longer active in the church, leading a life of my own and on my own making mistakes and having endless regrets, this was my life. All of those times I lost my faith and felt hopeless, I turned to God, but it seemed only in desperate times when I had no one else. Then I turned away once things got better, although still with an empty feeling left over.
    An emptiness that soon was replaced by this overwhelming feeling and tears of Joy that I cannot even begin to explain once I found C3(my church). I felt at home and I didn’t have to search further because all the answers were right in front of me and I know where I belonged and I feel closer to God, the closest I’ve ever been. I look forward to Sunday mornings, I would be empty all over again without them. You can go out on a Friday night, and drink and stay out late and have tons of fun, wake up with a hangover and forget about all the fun you had. I wake up and remember God and I am happy and after church on Sunday, I find myself already talking about next Sunday. I feel as if I’m not the same person and I feel as if I have grown so much in such a short amount of time. My outlook is a positive one. My life here on earth is because of Him and I am here to thank Him for it and share what he has layed on my heart.
    I’ve learned to surround myself with positive people, it reflects on me, we reflect on eachother. Have you ever been in a room with one negative person, just one little person, and how quickly their bad mood affects everyone? If you surround yourself with positive people then that is what you yourself will portray.
    There is more to life than everyone thinks or lives. More than the parties and late nights. Its a miracle that I’ve washed my hands clean of it. I wish people would give God a chance. I’ve learned that you can’t experience a miracle if you aren’t open and willing to accept it. If your heart is hardened and your already looking for ways to not believe then how will you ever be able to be open for a change?
    God works in ways you wouldn’t even think of.
    I think we as people all need proof of something to believe in it. We need to see a miracle with out own eyes in order to believe it. People need proof that Jesus exists, those are people with little or no faith.
    Hebrews 11 :1
    …Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about the things we cannot see…
    I have witnessed many “mini” miracles in my life and in those close to me. Everyone needs a miracle. I honestly wish I could change the world, but if I could help just one person find God then I’d be just as happy.
    I am no preacher or any better or higher than anyone, I am changed and I couldn’t ask for anything more…

  • Sarah

    Hey Pastor Matt! I just wanted to say thank you to the church, to God, and to you.
    Throughout the whole summer, and previous months, I started getting attacked by the devil. I didnt know why, but I figured it would stop soon. A couple weeks later, things just kept getting worse, and I started hurting people that I loved. My friends, family, and even people I didnt know. Someone new had come to the church for the summer break, and I was assigned to be in her group for the middle school camp. I went through every emotion you could possibly think of since I had met her, and I could not figure out why. I kept talking to her about how I felt about her, and everything that I was going through, but when camp ended, I felt abandoned because she never talked tome anymore, and by now, I envied her for taking all of my friends. I felt so alone, like I was starting to crash and fall, but no one was there to catch me from falling into the trench. Soon enough, I had fallen in, and just kept hurting all of the people I loved, even my best friend. All of the friends I had before, I felt didnt want to stick around me anymore to help me because they were scared of what I would do to them. Only one stuck with me, and even took her a couple weeks to talk to me. Soon after that, I thought I was getting better. Until the day where I heard a couple of the rumors going around about me. Everyone was coming up to me and asking me what was wrong. I got so mad. Than a very dear person messaged me on facebook, and asked why the sparkle wasnt in my eye anymore. i felt I could trust her, and i felt so loved when I talked to her, so i told her everything. I kept talking to her, and my best friend, but it seemed nothing would ever change. I suddenly thought that every word that came out of yours or Corys mouth was planned for me to hear so I would recognize myself. That was stupid. As I began hanging around my best friend and the other friend, I actually realized that people do care for me when I do stupid things. I now know that I have amazing people around me that have been sent into my life for a reason.
    Thank you so much for the encouraging words you pour into my heart every week. Pretending someone your not is not fun. you feel like your running from something, but you’re not quite sure what. I praise God that he has healed me once again, and am praying for the church, and everyone in it constantly. I love you guys so much, and I lknwo that God will bless you and the whole church as one for serving him and putting him first. Thank you so much for helping me see the truth