California Surfing and Day 7

What a great weekend! On Saturday, I got to go surfing for the first time. My friend Mike Jonker is a surfing machine and he took me to one of the beaches he surfs at. The water was cold… about 58 degrees, but it was fun. I wasn’t near as sore as I thought I’d be (I had some pretty nasty falls). Someone asked me if I got up… I don’t think you’d describe it as getting up, but I did kind of get my feet on the board before I crashed and burned.
Sunday, I had the privilege of speaking at Harvest Christian Fellowship where Pastor Greg Laurie is the Senior Pastor.
What an amazing church! They have about 18,000 people every weekend and I felt right at home. I’ve looked up to Pastor Greg since I was a teenager and it was an honor to spend time with him and speak at their Sunday night service… Day 7. You can watch the entire service including the concert by recording artist Paul Wright by going to Pastor Steve Wilburn from Harvest spoke at all 4 services this last weekend at C3 and rocked the house. Check out the video podcast.
Time to go wax my board and hit the waves!

  • Karen Motley

    Awesome job, Pastor Matt! Eric and I watched your sermon and I must say you represented Johnston County, NC well! I think the Californians really like your “ya’ll, that’s what we say in NC” comment, too!

  • Duane

    Looks as if you had some good surf to crash and burn in Pastor. All I want to know is if you got Ken to go out there with you? Pastor Steve did a great job in your absence. Can’t wait for this weekend!

  • Lee

    Soo when u gonna let me take you surfing with me i got an extra board!!!!

  • Tracy

    Sorry we forgot to warn you how cold that Pacific Ocean can be, and brutal. But did you get to eat at Claim Jumper?

  • Bruce

    Glad to see you wore a wetsuit! 58 degrees is not bad for the Pacific, though.
    The Sunday night videocast was awesome. It was great to see all the lives God changed through you!