C3 Gets A C.O.!!!!

This is an exciting week for C3. You might ask, “What’s a C.O.?” I asked the same thing… it means Certificate of Occupancy. Which means we can occupy our building. I want to thank our Executive Minister, Ken Stephenson for providing amazing leadership for the past year and the entire Executive Staff.

(Ken Stephenson)


This is a miracle story that is unfolding and I am so blessed to be a part of it. This weekend will be our last weekend in our current facility and in just 11 days we will have our first service in our new worship center! Let’s keep praying and preparing for all that God is going to do!

  • Dan

    Pastor Matt,
    The time has arrived!!! Ken did an awesome job. Thanks for both of yours leadership. Its time for us to be able to touch more lives in this region!!!

  • Brett Thompson

    Looks incredible. Cant wait to visit! Go God!

  • Bruce

    Congratulations! Great job, Ken for all the leg work for the last 3+ years. And thanks Pastor Matt for your leadership and perseverance. Praise God!

  • karen

    Saturday night, I thought of all the amazing things God has done in my life in the current worship center… and for so many hundreds of others! I can’t wait to see what He has planned for this family next! Thanks, Ken, and executive staff for everything you have done to help God make it happen!!!

  • Cory

    What an amazing facility it is, and great job to the entire Exec. staff for making sure that God’s vision to provide more seats for hurting people at c3 is coming to fruition. Can’t wait until next weekend!!!

  • Mike Slawter

    Awesome! Praise God in Heaven for this and the work C3 will do from this great facility!!! This is our time!!!

  • Kevin

    Praise God for what He is doing!
    Thank you Pastor Matt for seeing the vision of where He is leading!
    Thank you Ken, Martha, Dan and everyone else who embraced the vision and made it a reality.
    When a milestone like this is reached, the human reaction is to sit back and take a breath – relax. God has not worked the miracles He has to see C3 sit back and relax. As you’ve said, Pastor, now is the time to press on even harder to take things to the Next Level.
    I can’t wait to see what God has in store.

  • Duane

    Awesome job Ken!! I’ve been reflecting back on all the fantastic weekends we have had in the current worship center. I cannot wait to see what God is going to do in the new building. Glory to God!!!

  • C3 is getting ready to explode!!! (with people) I am so ready for it too…I keep meeting people who are driving from all over the place to check out what’s happening – It won’t belong before we have more people than the C.O allows…. 🙂

  • I can not wait to come back and visit you guys in the new place! I’m so stoked for you guys!

  • pipes

    It’s exciting to see it come to life and I know the best is yet to come. Great job, Ken!

  • Tracy

    Ken You rock. It’s a hugh challenge to take on and you are always willing to the task. I have met so many first time vistors over the past few months. God is drawing attention to this place because he is going to Rock Johnston County out of their southern boots!

  • Bryant

    Thanks to all of those involved with the Dream. What a blessing to have been able to experience this journey and what a privilege it will be to serve in the new facility. God has shown us once again he is faithful in providing his people with the means to further His kingdom. Ken, thank you so much for taking the bull by the horns and gettin’ er dun!!!!

  • It was exciting to worship with you on Sunday. Looking forward to seeing the new building in action soon!

  • Kristina

    Pastor, what a great weekend. It is such a pleasure and blessing to be a part of such an awesome family. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.

  • I can’t wait to move in the new building!!!!