C3 Family, Are You Ready to Fast?

This entry is from one of our C3 ladies who read the book Fasting by Jentezen Franklin.

I always thought I was. I’ve fasted with the church many times in the past. The first time, a bit chicken, our family fasted television instead of food. The second fast, we stepped it up and fasted dinner. The third time, we got serious – or so I thought. We jumped in and did the whole deal (following the Daniel’s Fast, praying for my church and my family). A few times now. 

 To prepare for this year’s fast, I read Jentezen Franklin’s book, Fasting. I now realize that what I thought was “the whole deal,” was not. I am sure God honored my efforts. He’s a good and gracious God. Yet, I am learning that fasting is much more about the heart than it is about the obedience. Isn’t that true of the Christian life?
Jentezen Franklin explains what biblical fasting is. He explores why biblical fasting is so beneficial. Throughout the book, he shares how heroes of the Bible fasted – and gained clarity, strength or victory. They didn’t fast to say they fasted. They fasted to commune with God. Jentezen Franklin asks, “What is God saying about you? Is it, ‘Religion again?’ Or does He dine with you, fellowship with, and share with you deep secrets and plans for the future?” (p. 76) 

 The book explains that fasting is a heart thing. It’s not about what you fast (though Franklin does explain how a food fast is beneficial to the body, mind and spirit). It’s not about how long you fast. Rather, fasting provides an opportunity to grow closer to God in a very special, personal way.
This year, when our family fasts, I will approach it differently. Instead of praying for the church and for our family generally, as I have in the past, I will pray specifically. I know some of the challenges I face in life, and I want victory. God wants me to have victory. 

I look forward to special, intimate time with Him as I fast. 

 The above post was written by Karen Dawkins. Karen has been a member of C3 for more than eight years, serving currently on the Next Generation Ministry Team. She and her husband, Rob, have three kids: Nathan (15), Ben (12) and Ellie (5). Find out more at http://karendawkins.blogspot.com.

 I want to encourage you to stop by the Source this weekend and purchase Jentzen Franklin's book, "Fasting" for yourself. It is a powerful resource that will help you be more prepared to walk through the upcoming 21 days with strength and purpose.

  • Karen, great job on the blog. Your insight and explantations are spot-on. I am more excited about this fast then any other fast we have done. I think for the first time I understand more about the why and not just the how. Great post my friend! This is going to be an amazing experience!

  • It was truly awesome this weekend, hearing people talk about the heart of the fast and not just the recipes. What a great way to start the year!