C3 Café: Coming Soon!

The C3 Café is coming together, and if all goes well it will be open for the Accelerate Conference!  The lighting is in, cabinets and countertops are in, appliances are being installed, furniture is being put into place, and best of all… our café staff is being trained on how to make Starbucks coffee and specialty drinks!


As you can see from our students, they are pumped that the C3 Café is getting ready to open!

  • HaHa!
    The Cafe’ is going to be amazing!

  • krysteah

    hehe, yep we’re ecstatic!

  • Jane – The Figs

    I don’t think amanda, joe & krysteah need any more caffeine! They have enough energy as it is…. j/k. Glad that the Café is almost ready 🙂 I’ve got dibs on the seating near the fireplace…….

  • Mitch, the fig with the hair

    This cafe is going to be awesome!

  • Amanda Boyle

    bahahahahahaha! yaay. (: