Building Dedication Highlights and Falwell Roundtable

This past weekend was one of the most amazing weekends we’ve ever had at C3. We had special guests flying and driving in from various places and the Weather Channel was forecasting 2-4 inches of snow… which for North Carolina, is a blizzard. The TV meteorologist (does anyone know what that means?) were advising everyone to stay at home on Sunday…Our family was fasting and praying all night that the storm would bypass us. The result was NO SNOW! Maybe a few icy spots but that was it. It did hurt our attendance in the early service a little but we still had a powerful time of worship.

Sunday Morning Pastor Greg Surratt, from Seacoast Church, shared an awesome message about being Dedicated To Making A Difference… by Loving God With All Our Hearts and by Loving People Like We Love Ourselves. A couple of things he shared really hit me was: People matter to God as much as we do and They need as much grace as we do. It’s funny how we sometimes want others to give us grace, but we give them law. Check out the podcast here. One other thing that challenged me was to do something irrationally Christlike every day. From buying someone’s meal to serving others in practical ways. Thanks Greg!

Sunday Afternoon I had the privilege of hosting a Pastors Roundtable with Pastor Jonathan Falwell. After giving Jonathan a tour of our new facility, he spent time with about a dozen pastors and leaders. It was a fantastic time of idea sharing as I believe all of us were encouraged and sharpened as leaders. I appreciated Jonathan’s transparency and humility. One of the most touching things that he shared was how he recognized that he can’t do what God’s called him to do without Christ… “Not I But Christ” has become his theme and passion as he leads one of the fastest growing churches in the country (according to Outreach Magazine). I also want to thank Pastor Greg for keeping us updated through the afternoon with the Chargers/Patriots score. What would we do without you?
[Doug Randlett (Thomas Road Baptist Church), Matt Wilmington, Greg and Debbie Surratt (Seacoast Church), Pastor Matt (C3), Jonathan Falwell (Thomas Road), Billy and Charlene Hornsby (Seacoast), Mary and Frank Lacey (Riverside Community Church), Rick White (The People’s Church), Michelle Kapusta (Lifepoint Church), Ken Stephenson (C3), Jeff Kapusta (Lifepoint)

Sunday Night was the most high-energy service I think we’ve ever had a C3. The excitement level was off the charts. I am so proud of the C3 Worship Team for leading us with passion. The Tech team did a great job putting together some highlight videos including a portion of the message from Dr. Jerry Falwell when he dedicated our building 6 years ago. Then Pastor Jonathan Falwell, from Thomas Road Baptist Church, shared a powerful message from 2 Chronicles 5:13-14; 6:14-16. It was the perfect message to get us ready for the future… Jonathan shared, “Don’t stop here. This is just the beginning. Keep dreaming big.” The most powerful time of the entire day was at the end of the service Jonathan asked my family, C3 overseers and the leadership to come to the front and Jonathan prayed a prayer of anointing over us and the church. Afterwards we continued in a spontaneous time of worship. Thanks Jonathan!

What a day! I think we all collapsed on Sunday night. I want to thank my wife Martha, my assistant Erin and the entire C3 Staff for your passion and leadership. This Sunday is the day we’ve all been waiting for… our Grand Opening Celebration! Be praying and spread the word… and remember This is just the beginning!

  • Jones

    An amazing weekend full of passion and energy! Worship was off the charts and both AM and PM messages were so relevant to where our church is right now and where we’re headed. I feel so blessed to serve God in this House…can’t wait until this weekend for Grand Opening!!!!

  • Bruce

    What a great launch to the next phase of our church’s life and ministry. God has really blessed our church with some great friends and supporters. May we be 100% faithful to God’s call, with His help! And thank you Pastor Matt for your leadership.