Be Thankful

As I think about the Christmas season it is crazy to think how ungrateful we can become.   Not only can we be ungrateful, but some people even have a spirit of entitlement.  As I was reading scripture I was reminded to be thankful, so let’s strive to be thankful.
ScriptureSoon the people began to complain about their hardship, and the L ord  heard everything they said. Then the Lord ’s anger blazed against them, and he sent a fire to rage among them, and he destroyed some of the people in the outskirts of the camp.” (Numbers 11:1 NLT) “Do everything without complaining and arguing,” (Philippians 2:14 NLT) “Do all things  without grumbling or  questioning,” (Philippians 2:14 ESV)Observation God wants us to live with a thankful, grateful, content heart.  Not griping and complaining about what we don’t have.Application Find things on purpose to be thankful for.  Thank people for doing something, starting with every family member.  Put it on your to do list if you need to, so you don’t forget .Prayer God forgive me for the times I have grumbled or complained about what I have or don’t have.  Forgive me for not being thankful about  what You have blessed me with.  Forgive me for not stopping and thanking people, especially my family, for things they HAVE done.  Every good and perfect gift comes from You.  You are my provider!  I want to have a thankful content heart.  Fill me today Holy Spirit and open my eyes to all the blessings in my life and show me people I need to appreciate today!!  I love You, thank you for this reminder to not gripe and complain.  In Jesus Name I pray, Amen