Be Strong!

In scripture we see so many times where God says to “Be Strong”.  For example Ephesians 6:10 says, “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.”(NIV) 

For the past 9 days the C3 family has been praying and fasting… and we have just one day left.  It seems like every time I fast and pray, I see the power of God AND I feel the attack of the enemy. I have felt it physically and spiritually.  Satan doesn’t like it when believers get serious about God by fasting and praying for The Kingdom of God.  So if you feel tempted to give up and quit, remember what God tells us… Be Strong in the Lord!

Those of you that listen country music on WQDR (94.7) have probably heard the Q Morning Crew talk about Marty joining us for the 10 Day Daniel’s Fast.  He shared with me that tomorrow morning they are going to have some fun with him by bringing in a bunch of junk food and try to tempt him to break the fast on the last day.  If you want to put an encouraging word for Marty, comment below or you can email him at  Let him know that we are in this thing together!


(Matt and Marty eating some fruit for lunch)

Tomorrow night will be powerful as we gather together for a time of prayer and worship at C3.  When God finds a group of believers that are fully committed to His Kingdom, big things happen and we are stronger together.  As we pray, remember to pray for the Kingdom Builder’s Celebration this Sunday.  Let’s pray about what God would have us to commit to give to build His Kingdom here at C3 and around the world!

  • Marcy

    Go Marty!!! And thanks for the encouraging words, Pastor Matt!!

  • Rob and Karen

    Marty, You can do it! Rob stood strong today when someone brought STARBUCKS in for the whole office, followed by a birthday cake, Panera for lunch for the whole staff — Asiago bagels…. Oh, better stop. Really, you CAN do this.

  • Erin

    Can’t wait for tomorrow night, it’s going to be a defining moment for C3!! Hang in there Marty…STAND FIRM!! 🙂