Back to the Beginning….

I know I am suppose to be remembering the new building, but I found some great pictures of our first Grand Opening with Matt preaching and the cow jumping over the moon. Check these out…..


Since we said we were going to remember this building, I did find a picture of the church with the parking lot not paved. For the first year of the new building the parking lot was not paved which meant when it rained we all were walking in mud. We have come a long way!


  • chelsea king

    WOW!!!! Pastor Matt really did have hair!!! LOL!! Love you guys!! can’t wait till this weekend! happy holidays to everyone! God Bless You All!!!!!!

  • Dan

    Love the shorts. Reflections is always a good thing. It reminds you where you came from, and to stay humble as things grow and improve.
    The time is upon us!!!

  • Aaahh, I remember the unpaved parking lot! (:
    It’s amazing to look back & remember the beginning. 🙂