Back From Africa & Ready For Friend Weekend

We just landed at the Raleigh-Durham airport a little while ago from a life-changing trip to Africa! I have so much that I will be sharing with you soon about our trip and what God did while we were there.  But right now it's time to get home and rested up for Friend Weekend this weekend.  I'm so fired up to see all that God will do!  Be sure to leave a comment about what God is doing in the lives of your friends as a result of this great weekend.

  • Duane

    Glad your home Pastor. I know you and the family were touched by God. I can’t wait to hear about the trip.

  • Michelle T

    Welcome Back Home!! We missed you guys and can’t wait to hear from you this weekend. This will be my 8th friend weekend, and they just get better and better!!

  • Larry P. Walls

    What friends are about to me. Matt today a long time friend of mine came to church with me his name is David. A few years back David had the world in his hands he was the youngest president ever of the company he was with and had a great family behind him.One day David tried crack and fall deep into the pit of the devil and at deaths door. He lost his home, family and his job to drugs. After rehab two or three times he got back on his feet and has made one of the best come backs that you can imagine. I never quit on him or will I ever stop being there for him. Today he came to C3 the light I saw in him was something like what I felt the first time I came to C3. I know that he and his new family will be back at C3 and now C3 will be part of his life forever.
    Thanks again for the change that god and the C3 family has made in my life and now David’s.
    Thanks again
    Larry P. Walls