Yesterday was one of the most powerful days we’ve ever had
at C3.  You could sense the power
of God in all of our services. At the end of our service I had the privilege of
baptizing 21 precious people in our outdoor baptistery. About half them were
saved this week or decided to be baptized on Sunday.

This was our second week of our SUPERNATURAL series and my
message was about the miracle of Abraham and Sarah as God blessed them with
Isaac.  Sarah was barren and
Abraham as good as “dead”. But as Abraham was celebrating his 99th
birthday and Sarah was 90 God provided them a miracle baby! You can read more
about my message at and you can listen to the podcast by going

So at the end of the service I had our ministers and leaders
anoint with oil and pray over any couples that desired to have children. What
an emotional and powerful experience as we prayed for them to be blessed with
children and that they would become world changers for God. 

So we are expecting a Baby Boom in the next 9-12 months as
God answers our prayer. I’m praying that our children’s ministry will be packed
with miracle babies this time next year. 
You might be tempted to think….

What if God doesn’t
answer my prayer?

First of all I know what I get when I don’t pray, NOTHING!
But when we do pray by faith, believing that the same power that God displayed
when He rose from the grave is available right now God moves.  He always moves in His way and His

I’ve been praying and
I haven’t seen any results
…. What about me?

Abraham and Sarah had to wait for many years to see the
miracle come true.  All Abraham had
was a promise that God was going to provide him with generations as numerous as
the stars in the sky.  And it was
14 years after they tried it their way. They took a short cut and Abraham slept
with Sarah’s maid servant Hagar. And we know when we take a short cut we always
pay for it later! Are you willing to trust God for 14 or more years? We live in
such a fast food, get it now culture that we want God to move NOW.  And He can but His ways are not our
ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. God wants us to believe Him for the
SUPERNATURAL but be patient and wait on God.

What do you think? 
What miracle are you believing God for?  What has God done that is Supernatural in your life? How can
I pray for you?