AWAKENING 2011 – Day 16

Taking Off the Grave Clothes

John 11:44, "Jesus said to them, “Take off the grave clothes and let him go.” (NIV)

Prayer Focus: Who in your world is still walking around in grave clothes? Think about friends and family or those you know who may not know God. What part has God called you to play in the life change He wants to bring them?

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  • Thanks for the post. important question on right time. Yes!. Jesus is using me mightly to talk about Him to my fellow workers. As I’m in Dubai – UAE, being a muslim country, It is not easy but by His mercy and grace He guides me thru His HolySpirit. He has given me the gift of prayers thru which I reach out people in Jesus name.
    Please keep me in prayers.
    Wish you a rejoicing day in Jesus
    Agape – PJ