• clif friese

    Our family is Joining the 21 day fast. Some are fasting the Daniel fast, but all of us are fasting something to stop and become more alert to Gods voice, and hear His direction for our lives. Friese Family

  • Erin

    All About it! Can’t wait to see all that God has in store.

  • Jill

    So excited to start the fast! Knowing and believing God has wonderful things in store!!!!

  • Alan and Cristi Bates

    Our family is doing the 21 day fast. We are expecting some miracles and answers. We want freedom, guidance, wisdom, and financial security. We want to be the best parents we’ve ever been in 2010, the best couple, the best influence on our co-workers, and the best individuals we have ever been!!!! We know with God in control we will see all of this and more!!! Excited!!!!

  • Tami

    So excited about what’s going to happen in the lives of the people as we unite together in prayer and fasting. I’m in!

  • Painter Family

    Our family is looking forward to the 21 days of Praying and Fasting. We are praying for God’s ANSWERS in our lives!

  • Boschees

    We are fasting and leaning into what God has in store for us. Our prayer is that this fast becomes about what God wants to do “IN” us not for us.

  • Niada and Corey Cradle

    We are fasting and believing God for continued peace for the Cradle family. Since the beginning of the fast there have been 2 sets of our friends going through seperation/divorces and this is an area we would like for the C3 family to pray for healthy marriages. We are also looking forward to a continue alignment in Christ for direction,wisdom, and spiritual growth to be.