Atlanta, GA: My Second Home

By tomorrow afternoon, I will have been to the Atlanta airport three times in three days! I have a 45 minute layover there tonight and in about 18 hours, I will be back here to catch the plane to Johannesburg. I could have just gotten a hotel and waited for Matt and the kids to meet me here tomorrow!

Right now, I am on my way back to North Carolina from Dallas, Texas. We had a great time at the ‘Listen to My Life’ conference with ladies from other churches in the US. I will get home about midnight tonight and then wake up in the morning, finish packing my Swaziland suitcase, and then head right back to RDU!

Our family is very excited for this trip. We have one big suitcase packed with paper, pencils, stickers, and all kinds of other great things to take to the kids at the Care Points.

It’s going to be a life changing experience for all of us and we appreciate all of your prayers!

Getting back on a plane…


  • Karen

    soooo excited for you!!!!