Aslynn’s Story

I love to hear stories of life change!  Hearing how God has touched someone’s life and changed it supernaturally is always exciting!  This weekend at both of our services, Aslynn Clark, a member of C3, gave her powerful testimony of life change and I wanted to share it with you because I know that it will inspire you, like it inspired and encouraged me!

“For 26 years I didn’t have Christ in my life. About 12 years of my life I wasted as I was searching to fill that empty void, that feeling of being incomplete. I tried to fill my void with alcohol, drugs, people, things…..but was never fulfilled.

I never knew how empty my world was until the day I attended C3 Church for the first time on January 17th, and felt as though the sermon was all about me, speaking to… me!  I cried (balled) and humbled myself before God and accepted Christ for the first time in my life! From that day on, the world has continued to shine so much more beauty than my eyes have ever seen. On March 3rd, my son’s first birthday, I was baptized at C3 and  Jesus continues to reign on me everyday, and He saved my soul from the dark place I was forever in!

I now have this overwhelming feeling of wanting to help, serve and give to others, which is crazy because I was always the center of attention, it’s all about me deal! Now I am honored to volunteer for the committee of Love Lunch Ministry of Hope Mills to serve the homeless lunch and dinner.  I wasn’t searching for the organization, but God led me down a small road for me to see it.

So, I know He lives because He now lives in me! I embrace every day now and can’t wait for the next. Thank you God for finding me and I will forever continue to seek you.  Thank you C3 Church!!”

Never underestimate the power of your testimony!

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