Around the World

Today we finished up our training in India. We were training pastors who will commit to train other leaders and pastors in their area. I believe everything rises and falls on leadership, and if you train a leader he can impact so many people.

(Here I am with some of the Indian leaders)

I was honored to be able to teach. Women teaching is not always accepted here. I was honored that Matt and Pastor Mohann asked me.

It was 103 degrees today! It was very hot and humid. When I was standing there sweating, I would think- it is 47 degrees in Raleigh!

We will be home soon. We fly from Chennai to Bombay. Then Bombay to New York (on this flight we will be on a plane for 14 hrs) then New York to Raleigh. So pray for us to arrive home safely, and pray for the Christian leaders in India as they seek to reach their Hindu culture for Christ.

See you all soon!


  • Dan

    I pray a hedge of protection around the both of you as you travel. Thanks for being out on the front line representing Christ and C3.

  • Erin

    Praying for your travels as you make your way home. Miss you guys!!

  • Kristina Harrell

    What a long flight, but a great opportunity to reflect. You & Pastor will be in our prayers for safe travel. Great to hear the wonderful works. How exciting for you to be able to speak. Can’t wait to hear some exciting (and funny) things that you guys experienced.