Are You Reaching Your Potential?

Pastor Steve Kelly from the Wave Church, VA Beach (but originally from Hillsong Church, Sydney, Australia) shared a powerful message last night at our first… First Wednesday service (which was actually held on the second Wednesday… confused?) in our new worship center. It was a service that we will never forget as Pastor Steve preached on how to reach our potential as believers and as a church family. If you missed it, you can check out the podcast here. Here are a few pics of the night.

  • Janie Truelove

    Wonderful message!! Pastor Steve is a TRIP!! His message got our family back on track and pumped up to “PUSH AHEAD” from this point on!!
    Thank you for bringing awesome leaders into our church.

  • Erin

    Amazing night and such a timely message!

  • Karen

    Awesome message!!! Couldn’t decide if I wanted to clap and cheer or write it all down. Thank you for podcasting everything! Looking forward with excitement to what comes next for our church and community!

  • Dan

    It was a timely message for our church, for my family, etc. Look out 08′ the best is yet to come!

  • pipes

    You can never go wrong asking Steve Kelly to be in the house and share from God’s Word and his heart! What a perfect, well shaped message for C3 and may we take strides forward this year in 2008!