Staff Talk – Are You An Owner Or A Renter?

In our All Staff meeting I shared about the importance of seeing yourself as an owner not a renter. If we are going to fulfill God’s plan for our church and community we must all own the vision.  When we see ourselves as an owner it impacts our language.  I love to hear people in our church transition from saying, “I love your church” to “I love my church”. When we see ourselves as an owner it is no longer our pastor’s vision but it is our vision. 

I recently went to a fast food restaurant with a group of college age students after a late night service. When we walked in the door the young lady working behind the counter saw our group of about a dozen people and dropped the "F" bomb.  I would say that she doesn’t see herself as an owner.  When you see yourself as an owner you see an inconvenience or unexpected guest as a blessing!

You can listen to the entire talk by going to the C3 Leadership Podcast here.


  • pipes

    Powerful message! Thanks for the reminder to be an owner of the vision!