Are You A Proactive or Reactive Leader?

Something that the staff at C3 has been discussing lately is how to be a proactive leader.
Proactive leaders take initiative… they not only have a game plan but they execute the game plan.  Monday night, the Kansas Jayhawks won the NCAA Basketball Championship.  When the tournament started there were 65 teams. They all had a game plan and most of them had talented players but the ones that advanced were the teams that consistently executed their game plans as a team. 

Reactive leaders wait for someone to tell them what to do… they are waiting for an email or a phone call and lead by reacting.  Reactive leaders can experience frustration and those they work with can be frustrated as well.  I believe God is looking for Proactive leaders that are passionate to make a difference for Him.  If you’d like to listen to our staff meeting from last week, go to the C3 Leadership Podcast