And The Winner Is…

Hey everybody. After several weeks of voting, I am excited to share with you that East Carolina BBQ is the number one BBQ in the world according to our blog survey. The grand total votes are:

East Carolina BBQ (vinegar based)
63 votes

The Rest of the World
(SC, Memphis, KC, Riverside, CA & TX)
37 votes

To celebrate, we are going to have a good ole fashioned North Carolina Pick Pickin’ this Sunday night at C3. This Sat./Sunday is Fantastic 5 Weekend. We will be launching our new Sunday night service at 5pm! After the service, we will be having our Pig Pickin’ (we will have chicken for you wimps). There is no cost, we just want to bless you for helping us launch this new Sunday night service. You can bring your friends and let’s PARTY!

  • Shannon

    Wimps?!?!? Please remember that not everyone enjoys eating meat.

  • oh, I forgot… we’ll have “slaw”

  • Jane – the Figs

    i guess i’m a whimp. YAY, for the whimps!!! woot-woot! kidding aside, i’m anxious to see the success of the 5th service. let’s hold on for the ride!

  • Carrie Lee

    The pig pickin’ last night was awesome, thanks so much for the great food and great fellowship! And it was kind of cool sitting in our “new building”, even though we don’t have walls yet!

  • i think i’ll do a contest on my blog for which is the best state for crawfish.