And The Winner Is…

What an amazing Super Bowl! Who would have thought that the 12 point underdog New York Giants would beat the undefeated New England Patriots… I love it! We were going crazy when the Giants scored the game winning touchdown.

We had 29 predictions for the Super Bowl and the winner of the $25 Gift Card is… actually there was a tie…
Cory B. and Kristina H. both predicted the Giants to win… 24-21.

And runner up is my boy Caleb… predicted the Giants to win 22-21. Not bad for a 9 year old!
Congratulations to all of you who picked the Giants to win. I was way off, by the way.

  • Dana

    GOOOOOOOO G-MEN. All I have to say is 18 wins and ONE GIANT Loss!!!! I am a G-Men fan from birth, and I am so syked that they won. What a totally awesome game. Good going Caleb on predicting the G-Men were going to rule!!! Go road warriors!!!