I want to introduce you to Rick Bezet. He is a great friend and one of the funniest guys I know. I have the privilege of serving with him on the ARC Lead Team. In 2001, Rick Bezet and his family followed the call of God and moved to Arkansas to plant a church with the hopes of attracting the unreached and unchurched of the region. Little did the Bezet's know the rapid growth that would take place at New Life Church, as people would quickly be attracted to the fresh and life-giving message of Jesus. They now have 5000 attending every weekend with three campuses and seven services. Check out what Rick had to say about the upcoming ARC All Access Conference:

You've been to a hundred conferences.  Jump off the plane, fight off the impulse to upgrade the rental car, smell the complimentary sized shampoos at the hotel, eat a few Slim Jim's and chase it with a handful of Tic Tac's…all on the way to the conference.  

But at some point, you have to leave the conference, right?  And what do you have to show for it?  A bag full of flyers, custom screen printed frisbees and coupons to free church website templates.  Where are the people?  What about the relationships?

That's what I love most about the ARC Conference.  It's all about the relationships & connections with people who are in the trenches just like you.  It's so easy to hang out and talk to some of the founding members of the ARC…and get fired up listening to church planters talk about their dreams.  It's what keeps me coming back each year.  These conversations with people who are being real and honest.  Opening up about struggles and heartaches and high-fiving the successes!

I don't know of any other conference quite like this one.  Some people search forever to find connections in ministry like these…  It feels like a family reunion that just keeps getting bigger and I love it!”