All About the Next Generation

Sunday night’s Fusion/Epic (C3’s youth group) was a great night for Matt and I as parents. Our oldest daughter was one of the worship leaders that night. She led out in one of the songs for the first time. The exciting part for me was I was her back up singer! It is all about the next generation!

There are a lot of things we can teach our kids and there are a lot of experiences they can have in life. But I want to make sure I am modeling for them a love for God, a love for God’s house, and a love for ministry.

What do you want your kids to do when they grow up and what are you modeling for them?

Have a great day and go hug your kids,

  • Karen

    On Sundays, we usually discuss the sermon at dinner. This week was no exception, and was particularly helpful since our daughter sometimes struggles to use her nice words. At bedtime, we prayed to Jesus asking Him to help us remember to use nice words (something we’ve prayed for her for months).
    Monday morning, when she woke up, the very first words out of her mouth were, “I am not going to say mean words today, Mommy.” Big grin! Throughout the day, she bossed her brother once, and immediately burst into tears – such a heart change. For the first time, she apologized on her own.
    Monday evening, she got a special bubble bath. All day, we had the opportunity as her earthly parents to praise her for making wise choices. And we had the chance to tell her that God was proud of her for making such great choices and for listening to what He teaches in the Bible.
    She is so young, only 3 “and a half,” but she is already learning that God loves her and wants the very best for her. She is learning to trust in His Word through these little life lessons.
    That’s our prayer for each of our kids: that they will have a genuine love of God and will trust in His Word, that they will live sold out for Jesus every day. I pray they won’t need to guess at what’s right like I did.

  • Jane – the figs

    congrats to gloria for leading out! can’t wait to see her do it more often 🙂
    you hit the nail on the head 🙂 the key is in “modeling for them a love for God, a love for God’s house, and a love for ministry.” there’s no greater legacy or inheritance we can leave for our children than being an example for them. easier said than done, but once you begin, the fruits we reap are immeasurable, uncontainable & inexplainable.
    i want my sons to love people & be compassionate towards all; to not just speak of God’s love, but to live it, do it, breathe it & walk it! as they’re in their teens, i’m floored @ God’s awesomeness in allowing me to parent these wonderful young men. to think, what a privilege it is for me……. 🙂