Acts of Kindness – LOVE Revolution

I am so fired up about the series we launched last weekend called LOVE. This weekend at C3 you'll receive some tools to help you spread love all across our community. Here is a preview of some ideas that you can begin implementing even today as we ignite a love revolution in the triangle area. Love---Acts-of-Kindness---Half-Sheet


  1. Take your child’s teacher and/or bus driver a lunch or coffee gift card.
  2. Pay for the person’s food behind you in a drive-thru.
  3. Pay for someone’s gas.
  4. Send an encouraging note to someone who is going through a tough time or someone you haven’t connected with in a while.
  5. When you’re mowing your grass, mow your neighbor’s grass too.
  6. Take your neighbor a meal.
  7. Offer to clean the house for an expectant mom or a senior citizen.
  8. Serve at the Raleigh Rescue Mission or Smithfield Boys & Girls Club.
  9. Leave a note of thanks with a $5 gift card for your mail carrier, trash collector, etc.
  10. Adopt an under privileged child in your child’s classroom and provide school supplies, snack and/or lunch money for that child.
  11. Pay a utility bill for someone who is going through a difficult time.
  12. Leave a generous tip for your waiter or waitress when you dine out.
  13. Buy someone’s groceries at the supermarket.
  14. Give someone a C3 sermon CD.
  15. Park further away in order to give someone else a closer space.


  1. Provide free services for those in need through your business.
  2. Contact local schools and spend Saturdays cleaning, painting and fixing up school buildings that are in need.
  3. Provide meals for families in need. A list is available at the church office.
  4. Go to the hospital and drop off gift baskets to the sick or those working.
  5. Collect clothes and donate them to a local organization.
  6. Collect and provide school supplies for teachers.
  7. Send out teams to neighborhoods and help with anything people need done in their house or yard. 
  8. Cook a meal for local police officers and/or firefighters.
  9. Bring in snacks for teachers and/or principals.
  10. Hand out free bottles of water at community sports events (GCAA soccer games, football games, etc.).
  11. Make lunches to give out at Moore Square in Raleigh.
  12. Make cards and small care boxes for people in assisted living facilities.
  13. Collect and donate baby items for iChoose Pregnancy Support Services.
  14. Throw a surprise party for someone.
  15. Ask a local non-profit how to help maintain or improve their facilities.

If you haven't gotten the Love Revolution book by Joyce Meyer you can pick it up this weekend at The Source. This is the book we’re using as a resource for this series as well as in our Connect Groups. Be sure to add comments here on the blog as you spread the love! Can't wait, it's going to be awesome!