Accelerate Recap

All I can say about the Accelerate Conference is that God is awesome!  Churches and leaders across our region were impacted and the Kingdom of God will be advanced as a result of Accelerate. 



Here are some highlights of the conference…

  • First time I rode a motorcycle to intro a sermon (25 years since I’ve even ridden one!)  Tech team did a great job!
  • Blown away at how many pastors attended and most brought their teams.
  • C3 Worship team was THE BEST I’ve ever experienced… seriously.  They were on and God moved big time.
  • Pastor Greg Surratt was awesome and I was convicted by the “don’t be a rock star” sermon (side note… don’t invite a guest speaker who preaches directly to the host pastor 🙂
  • Great to have so many young leaders and churches planters.
  • Wild to have the C3 Café open for the first time ever during the conference!
  • Christian and Tami made me laugh so hard as the MC’s that I almost peed in my pants (if I did I wouldn’t tell you!)
  • Amazing to have 22 vendors that came from all over the country including John McCarty from Billy Graham E.A. and thanks Scott Peck (from BMC Ferrell, Dallas) for staying the entire weekend!
  • Kind of cool to have the dude here, Pastor Clay NeSmith from Barefoot Community Church, Myrtle Beach.  He put us LIVE on the internet.  You can go to their web site and see archives of the conference.
  • SO proud of the C3 Staff and 200 volunteers who worked overtime for weeks to prepare.  Love you guys!!!


  • Mark Josephs

    Great Conference. Hope to see ya soon in North Myrtle Beach!

  • Erin

    What a great time at Accelerate!! God moved in a big way and it was wonderful to see so many churches come together. BIG win for the Kingdom!!

  • Karen

    Awesome conference! Thanks!!!

  • Duane

    Awesome Conference. The place was on FIRE! God showed up big time! Just wish I could have been to all of the sessions 🙁

  • Rod

    Accelerate was awesome!
    Everyone on the First Touch Team cannot wait for the ARC Conference and Accelerate in 2009.