ACCELERATE 09 – One Week Away

We are one week away from this year's Accelerate Conference. I am excited to have Pastor Rick Bezet from New Life Church in Conway, Arkansas here as our Guest Speaker. Rick and his wife Michelle are great friends of Martha and I. Rick is a huge LSU fan, but despite that, we are still fired up to have him. 

If you haven't registered for Accelerate, it's not too late. Check out for registration information and more details on the conference schedule. 

Pastor Rick is looking forward to being here for the conference. Check out what he had to say about Accelerate:

"If you like a boring conference with nothing noteworthy, I highly recommend 
not coming to Accelerate this year! We are going to grow, be encouraged, 
hear from God (that should be enough right there), plus we are going to see 
people we don't like change right before our eyes–and I'm talking about things 
in you changing, which are immovable. Even "creepy" Christians will become 
cool at some point right in the middle of the weekend together. Why? 
Because one moment with God can change everything about you, and that 
is cool! We are also going to see how we can make our ministry irresistibly 
attractive to others. Bring a Bible and a good attitude, and let's make this the best time ever!"
– Rick Bezet, Lead Pastor, New Life Church