A Cold, Australian 4th of July?

Martha and I are in Sydney, Australia attending the Hillsong Conference and meeting with some amazing leaders from the Hillsong Church. After 24 hours of travel we landed about 6am this morning (Australia time) and hit the ground running. It’s winter time in Australia so it’s a bit cold here. It’s been a full day filled with passionate worship, powerful speakers and meeting new friends all with very little sleep. One of the highlights for me is the privilege of connecting with some of the movers and shakers of our day. 2 of the guys that I met today are on staff at Hillsong Church, Phil, the Youth Pastor, and Luke, one of the guys from the band Hillsong United. (see picture below… Phil is on the right and Luke is on the left).

The conference has been powerful. Pastor Brian Houston spoke today about how great leaders lead just a few. It challenged me to be faithful to invest in a small group of people who in turn can build teams and lead others. Christine Caine spoke passionately about how important it is for us to be an agent of change in our culture. They key is to get involved in building relationship with those all around us. We need to get out of our comfort zone and reach out to those that are hurting.

We are meeting great new friends everytime we turn around. Martha’s new friend, Karen, her husband serves as a pastor in New Castle, Australia and was the founding pastor of Hillsong Kiev.

  • Pastor Matt and Martha,
    I’m so glad that you arrived safe in Australia! (Thanks for the blog update. I’m looking forward to the next one.) Bring back some of the “cold air” back to the USA! We could use a touch of it, but our autumn and winter will be back before we know it!
    (Oh, I do have a few missionary friends serving in New Zealand as well as Australia…and when they were talking about having Christmas during the “summer” it was winter here. Interesting.)
    Gregory <><

  • Katie Lane

    Pastor Matt & Martha,
    It is so wonderful to hear that you guys made it safe to Austrailia. It is awesome to know that you are meeting wonderful and amazing people. I love your blog, and cannot wait for your next update. I hope you have a safe trip back to the US.
    God Bless,
    Katie Lane

  • Hey Man!
    Welcome to the blogging world… Its kind of a mystery how it all works, but it does connect you to some of the neatest people… Looking forward to reading more… going to list you as a read on my blog.