A New Day

How was your day yesterday? As you made a priority to spend time with God, did it make a difference in your day? If you didn’t get up and spend time with God, don’t beat yourself up. Today is a new day, so start today.

For scripture reading, sometime I will read the Proverb for that day. For example, today is the 9th, so today I will read Proverbs 9. Or, you can read a Psalm each day.

Pick one verse that spoke to you and write it on a post it note to carry with you throughout the day.

Now, for writing in your prayer journal…


The Lord, my Banner—A rallying point for troops before a battle; praise God that He is strong enough to overcome any enemy

Exodus 17:15-16 (If you are like me, I needed an explanation on the banner…ha, ha)


T—Thanksgiving (praise God for 5 more things you are thankful for)


Wives: Pray for your husband’s purpose—pray that he be molded according to God’s plan; whatever God has God has called your husband to be or do, He has also called you to support it (Now you know you have to get the Power of a Praying Wife…)
Ephesians 1:11-12

Husbands: Pray for her priorities—In setting priorities a woman will generally put everything and everyone before herself. Pray for her to take time for herself. It will not make her self-centered, it will make her God-centered.
Proverbs 24:3-4

Parents: Pray that your children will develop a hunger for the things of God
Psalm 119:2

After you have prayed for your wives, husbands, and children, take time to pray for other people in your life. Then, remember to pray for yourself. Sometimes, if I don’t have specific requests for myself, I will pray in line for whatever I prayed for my husband. So, today, pray that God will use you according to His plan.

Have a blessed day!


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