Billy Hornsby 1949-2011

Billy-Promo-1-07 This morning as I drove onto the campus of C3 Church for our 6am Men’s Prayer time I couldn’t help but weep as I began to think about the impact that Pastor Billy Hornsby has had on my life, my family and this church. God has done incredible things here at C3 because of men like Billy who have poured into us. 

He is not only the President of the Association of Related Churches, he is one of my overseers he has been like a dad to Martha and I and a grandpa to our kids. My 14 year-old daughter, Caroline, wrote this on her facebook page this morning…

“Thinking of all the great times I had with Pastor Billy, as He is now in Heaven. I miss you so much. You were such a remarkable man of God and I will always live out what you taught me. I love you like a Papa.”

On Wednesday, March 23 at about 9:44pm Billy Hornsby went to be with Jesus and spend an eternity in heaven.  He will be missed here so much. My life has been impacted and my prayer is that God will use me and others to carry out the mission and the vision that God gave Billy to change the world.  I love you Billy.  See you again.  Thanks for finishing strong.

The last time Billy spoke publicly, he shared some words of encouragement. 


2.2.11 Billy Hornsby from The Orchard Community on Vimeo.


  • Pastor Billy’s legacy continues on by the seeds he sowed in people’s lives. Even in His illness He was still saying let me pray for you. I want you to know “The Word is true” His latest book was released and He was still offering people Candy or if you had a Cavity He said “now stay out of my Candy drawer.” As a result His legacy will continue because He kept His eyes on God Just like the legacy of the Disciples continues even today. They didn’t always have the answer they just looked to and prayed to the One who did. Now Billy is with Jesus and His legacy lives on because Billy was willing to be a Disciple of Jesus

  • John Coleman

    Our prayers are with you and the family and friends of Pastor Billy.

  • Amazing Man of God! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! What more can one say?