A Day to Remember


Something happened at Camp Kid Jam today that has never happened in the history of C3! Tami Poland, our Minister of Children, drank after someone…and that someone happens to be me! That’s right…you heard it here first! We were sitting in a meeting and she asked me if I had water…I said ‘yes, but that I had already had some’. And then she said….”I don’t care”, and she drank out of the same water bottle!

Okay, so she was feeling a migraine coming on and was desperate, but still…this is a moment to remember…a piece of C3 history!

I’m proud of you, Tami, and honored that you chose me to drink after! Our friendship just moved to a whole new level!

Cheers to Tami,


  • Caroline

    OMG I can’t believe Mrs. Tami drank after you!! WOW!! Tell her I’m impressed!

  • Erin

    WHAT??? Did someone get a picture of this? I can NOT believe it…next thing you know she’ll eat chicken salad…she’s gone MAD!! Love ya Tami!!!

  • Gwen Wall

    I cannot believe she did this either? She must not have been all together with it. You and Tami have reached a whole new level of your relationship! LOL
    I had a great time this week with you and the kids! The GIRLS ROCK!!

  • Amanda Boyle

    ahahahaha! 🙂

  • Alicia

    I think pictures would have been good to go with this, as further proof is needed…but I guess it’s possible.
    I understand where she’s coming from though, I don’t even eat or drink after my own kids…EVER!

  • jill

    I am so proud of my friend Tami 🙂