A Cleansing Process

Here we are on the third day. How many of you have spent more time in the bathroom in the last 24 hrs. than in the last month? (I’m only saying what everybody is thinking)

That is a good thing. Most people are very constipated and this fast is a great way to cleanse our bodies. Just as we are cleansing our physical body, God wants to cleanse us mentally and spiritually.

Remember to continually pray because only God can provide you with the strength, both physically and emotionally, that you will need during these 21 days.

On your third day of fasting, remember:
1. Drink lots of water
2. Pray for encouragement
3. Avoid smells and other temptations

Today’s Quote:

“I have seen people who have never fasted before experience marvelous breakthroughs in their lives. If you are ready to bring supernatural blessings into your life and release the power of God to overcome any situation, begin today making the discipline of fasting a part of your life. God is no respecter of persons…what He has done in our church, in the lives of our members, He will do for you when you set your heart to seek Him through fasting.”
Jentezen Franklin (can you tell I am reading his book on fasting)

Thoughts for your Journal:
1. What is that dream inside you that only He can make possible?
2. How can you obtain these goals with God’s help?

If you don’t have a God dream ask Him to give you one and start writing some things down. It may change over time, but start dreaming……

Just say no to caffeine,


Today’s Recipe:

Black Bean Burgers

2 cups black beans
1 cup corn meal
1 cup cooked brown rice
1 cup soy milk ( it only needed 1/2 cup)
1Tb. cumin

I added 1/2 diced onion
a few dashes of Texas Pete

I mushed the beans a little and then mixed everything together. Cook until crisp in a non stick with a little olive oil.
Submitted by Pat Mason – thanks Pat!

  • Beverley Webber

    Well we survived visiting the family and going out to eat, we just ate veggies and salad! while those around us had steak and shrimp, ys know I didn’t find it that difficult, the glow from inside was filling enough!! But I was very hungry this am, I am so looking forward to going to Church in an hour or so, and quelling my hunger there!
    For those with headaches, it will pass, it is the withdrawl from the caffiene, I gave up caffiene some years ago and experienced terrible headaches for about 3 days or so, it will get better!!!
    Your body will thank you!
    Hope all are feeling OK
    Have a great 21 days!!!

  • karen

    Great Recipe! We substituted a tablespoon of spicy brown mustard for the cumin. Yum!!! We’ll even it this one AFTER the fast 🙂 Thanks.