8 Days!

We are only 8 days away
from Friend Weekend. I’ve been praying for the friends that I’ve invited and I
know that it’s going to be an incredible weekend.  Friend Weekend is one
of the most exciting and life changing weekends of the year for us at C3.
This year we will for Friend Weekend come about 45 min – 1 hour early and join
us for our Tailgate Party. Wear your favorite jersey, bring your outdoor games,
food and friends! We will be providing some food as well if you can’t bring
your own.  Then join us for one of our 4 services… Saturday 6pm, Sunday
9:30am or 11:30am in Clayton or 10:30am in Raleigh (currently meeting at the
North Raleigh Christian Academy)

Over the next 8 days invite all of your facebook friends, twitter followers,
email and call the people you want to invite to Friend Weekend.  

Check out this video with my friend Marty the One Man Party sharing more about Friend Weekend.

Friend Weekend Video from C3 Church on Vimeo.