It’s good to be back! After 28 years of ministry and 15 as
Lead Pastor at C3 Church I took my first sabbatical. I spent 6 weeks to get
rest and refreshed for the next season of my life. In talking with other
pastors, some tell me that 6 weeks isn't a sabbatical! You need at least 3-4
months. That may be true but for my first one I think 6 weeks was perfect. And
I can’t tell you how many Pastors I’ve talked to that have never taken an
extended break. In the coming days and weeks I will be unpacking all that God
did in my life, as well as my wife Martha. But I thought I would share with you
the 7 Keys that helped me stay focused, productive and stress free on my
sabbatical. Here are the 7 R’s….








Re entry


I won’t wait another 15 years to take an extended time off.
In fact I’ve come away with this that there are disciplines and a rhythm that
we need to put into our lives so that our life and our ministry can flourish
and our time off can be even more fruitful.


If you are a pastor and you’ve never taken an extended time
off you need to. You won’t realize how much you need one until you do. God has
called us to not only start strong but to finish strong! And I want to hear
those words, “Well done Matt, My good and faithful servant.”

  • Erin

    Welcome Back!!!

  • Chris Pipes

    So good to have you back! Excited to hear all that God spoke to your heart and I’m ready for the next season of ministry.

  • Georgianna Baudoux

    Welcome back!

  • Exciting to have you back in JoCo and ready to lean in and GO ALL IN!