7 Days of Prayer and Fasting

We’ve just completed the first 7 days of Bible reading for
our 21 day challenge. Today begins our next week of seeking God through prayer
and fasting. If you joined us for the 7 days of reading, I want to encourage
you to keep pressing in during these next 7 days. If you didn’t know about the
21 day challenge or haven’t jumped on board yet, you can start today.

As a church we are doing a Daniel’s Fast for the next 7
days. The Daniel’s fast is basically cutting out meats and sweets and eating
mostly fruits and vegetables. Remember, this isn’t only about what you are and
aren’t eating…it’s about being intentional in cancelling out distractions and
seeking God through prayer and fasting. 

Here are a few recommendations for staying focused on God
over the next 7 days…

  • Listen to praise and worship music
  • Unplug from TV, social media, etc
  • Set aside a time and place each day to pray
  • Join us for our next 3 Hot Nights services at
    7pm on Wednesday night

Here is a suggested food list to use as a guide. You can also
find recipes on Marthafry.org. Let's keep seeking God together!