Honor up, Honor Down, Honor all around. Let’s say that phrase aloud together. “Honor up, Honor down, Honor all around.” Jesus speaking in John 12:26 says; “if anyone serves ME, he must follow ME; and where I am, there My servant will be also; if anyone serves ME, the Father will honor him.” When we take the time to honor our parents, our spouses and our leaders such as our bosses and our pastors, it pleases God. We are making a choice to honor the people that God has placed into our lives to support us, and to help give us direction. In that same way, we should also Honor down. The verse in John, states that “if anyone serves ME, the Father will honor him.” When we serve God, with our whole heart His word says that God will honor us. What an amazing example of how honor works. We don’t look down on others, but we make a conscious effort to honor those that God has placed in our lives. And then, we also Honor all around. As we begin to reflect on how we can begin to Honor up, Honor down, and Honor all around, an easy place to begin is in our conversations with others. I cannot wait to read the stories and testimonies of how you Honored up, Honored down, and Honored all around. So fill up the comments box below!