30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Today is the day!! April 1 – this is not an April fools joke, we are encouraging you to do 30 days of drinking one Green Smoothie a day for 30 days.

Here is a recipe for an Ultimate Green Smoothie:

1 1/2 cups water
3 hand fulls of spinach
2 large leaves
2 cups of mixed berries
1 banana
1 apple

(you can stop here and have a great green smoothie, but to have an ultimate green smoothie add the following ingredients)

1 scoop GSG Protein any flavor
1 heaping scoop of GSG tri-omega or sprouted flaxseed

In a blender mix water and greens then add the fruit and then add the protein and or ti-omega’s.

I put mine in a mason jar and drink it down with a straw. 🙂