Sunday afternoon I leave for a two week mission trip to
Europe and Asia. I thought it would be good for me to share with you where I am
going and why so that you could better pray for us. 

Church Planting in
– I have been invited by Sebastiaan VanWessem and the Europe Advance
team to come to Gothenburg, Sweden and train potential church planters. There
is a huge need for new churches that are life-giving throughout Europe. This is
a very strategic time for God to raise up churches in that region that will
share the life changing gospel of Jesus. 
I will spend 2 days with church planters for their Church Planters
Roundtable and then over the weekend I will speak at Christian Center Church, led by Pastor Thomas Jonnson, for a leadership Conference and worship service.

Leadership Training
in India
– We will leave Sweden and go to Chennai, India where I will be
speaking to about 800 pastors and leaders for a 2 day Equip Leadership
Conference. Our host church is New Life Church and Pastor David Mohan.  I have been traveling to India for the
past 8 years once or twice a year with the goal of training pastors that in
turn will train 25 other leaders. 
It began as a million leader mandate by Dr. John Maxwell and we have now
trained over 2 million leaders around the world.  This is the final training session of the curriculum.  These pastors have become good friends
and it has been awesome to see all that God is doing in their lives and
churches. Pray for these pastors that God will do far more than we could
imagine or think as they carry on the vision. 

Building a Well and a
Church in India
– After the training conference we fly to Hyderabad, India to
dedicate a well and a church that was sponsored by C3 Church. Fresh clean water
is hard to find in India so we are digging a well and building a church
connected with it so that we can reach those who are in need of the
gospel.  I want to thank David
and Joyce Meyer Ministries for their partnership in this project.

Thanks again for your prayers and I look forward to sharing
with you all that God does!

  • Can’t wait to hear what God does through you in Sweden. So glad we get you most of the time and only have to lend you out now and then. 🙂