21 Days of Seeking God

The 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting has officially begun.  What started off as just a few churches has now grown to close to 300 churches that are joining together in prayer.  My friend Stovall Weems, Pastor of Celebration Church, Jacksonville, FL has led the way and has provided a website with resources and devotionals, www.awake21.org.  I can’t think of a better way to begin the year, and I am praying that the result will be that more lives will be changed this year than ever before.  This is a partial fast, which is often called the Daniel’s Fast, and that means that for 21 days no meat, no sweats or bread, Jan 11-31. That basically leaves fruits and vegetables.  Some will drink coffee but no artificial sweetener or sugar (you can use honey). For the complete list of foods and info go to c3church.com.

This past weekend at C3, I continued our series Awakening and we discovered how God wants to awaken our spirit.  One way we do that is by giving up something and fasting but then we need to fill up our souls with God’s Word.  Hunger and thirst for God (Psalm 42:1).  I want to encourage you during these 21 Days to pray and read God’s Word everyday.  We have provided devotionals for every day you can find them by going to c3church.com or awake21.org.  There is also a calendar for children with scripture reading for everyday and some creative ways to fast outside of food.  Click here for kids info.

I would like to challenge all of you to either fast for all 21 days or at least one day a week. At C3 we will also gather on Wednesday mornings at 6am for a time of prayer for the next 3 weeks. 

Here’s a list of resources:

C3Church.com – resources and devotionals
Awake21.org – resources, devotionals and blogs from Celebration Church
MarthaFry.org – for Daniel Fast recipes (they rock!)
HealingPlaceChurch.org/Life – Great devotionals and resources by Dino Rizzo
Twitter – @C3_Church
Fasting Journal, by Jentzen Franklin.  Available, C3 Source. 919-934-3551 (I’m using this)

*Side note… I am going to attempt to unplug during this fast.  So my blogging will be limited during this fast.  Thanks for the grace.

  • Scott R.

    Great Message this weekend. Powerful. Excited about what God is going to do in the next 21 days. God is awesome!