21 Day Challenge – Day 7 – He’s Listening

Today’s post comes from Lee Chatam, Director of C3’s Leadership College.

As you know we are right in the middle of the 21 Day Challenge and today’s reading is Psalms 49-56.

Today’s Key Scripture: Ps 55:16-17, 22 (NLT)
But I will call on God, and the Lord will rescue me. Morning, noon, and night I cry out in my distress, and the Lord hears my voice. Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall.

During these 21 days we are very intentional to spend additonal time with God. We press in a little harder so that we can hear His voice as we prepare for the coming year. I believe there is something special that God does in the spiritual realm when we give Him our best at the start of a new year, it is showing God that we are ready and expectant for all He is going to do.

I love this set of scripture because it reminds me that while I’m pressing in to hear from God, He is listening to me. We can be receiving from God while at the same time presenting our requests and our God is so big that it doesn’t overload Him. He actually hears us and will take care of us.

I have a two year old daughter, and if she hears my voice she knows exactly who it is. She knows when Daddy is home or when Daddy needs her to come help do something. I didn’t say she always listens to my voice, but she knows it. And at the same time, I know her voice from a crowd.  That is exactly how God is. He hears you from the crowd and as any good Dad he wants to take care of you.

As we continue in these 21 days, know, as the scriptures say, that God is waiting; all we have to do is call on Him and He will come to the rescue. Cry out to God. Claim the things you want to see happen in 2015 and I know that He will hear you. Give it over to God and He will take care of you. The last part of verse 22 is our insurance clause, It says He will not permit the godly to slip and fall. We KNOW He is going to take care of us so let’s give our burdens over to Him and see what He can do in 2015.

Prayer Focus: As you pray today give your burdens to God, don’t carry them into 2015 on your own. Call on God and He will rescue you. Whatever it is, give it to Him and then claim the Word over yourself and thank Him that as He says He will not let you fall. Pray with a boldness today knowing that not only does God hear you, but He is going to take care of you.