21 Day Challenge: 7 Days of Exercise

Thursday morning begins our last 7 days of our 21 day challenge as a church! I hope that you have been joining us for the last 14 days and that God has been speaking to you, stretching you and preparing your for 2013. If you haven’t joined us, I want to encourage you to begin this week and join us for the last 7 days.

God laid the idea of the 21 day challenge on Matt’s heart to focus on the Mind, the Soul, and the Body. The first 7 days we refocused our thinking by immersing ourselves in the 4 Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The next week we sought God and his desires for us through the Daniel’s Fast (cutting out the meats and sweets). This week, our last week of the 7 day challenge, we are focusing on the Body.

The Bible tells us that our bodies are temples to house the Holy Spirit. Because we are His Temple, we should take care of our bodies BUT because we have the power of the Holy Spirit living in us, He gives us the strength we need to take care of ourselves!

Exercise may already be a part of your daily life…if so, I want to encourage you to dig a little deeper these next seven days. Run an extra mile, do extra push up’s, etc. If exercise is new to you, you can start somewhere! Here is a list of suggestions for the next 7 days…

*Walk on the treadmill or in your neighborhood

*Go for a jog/run

*Ride your bike

*Jump rope

*Do push up’s, sit up’s stretches and lunges

*Do an interval workout (run for 5 minutes, walk for 5 minutes, repeat)

*Swim laps

*Take a class at your local gym (spin class, dance class, aerobics)